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Justin Kiely (BA)

  • 0403 318 785


Grad Dip in OHS
Adv Dip of Health Science (STT)
Diploma Yoga Therapy
Cert 4 in Trainer and Assessor

Association Membership

Australian Traditional Medicine Society

Work History

Over 20 years experience in Health Sciences as Soft Tissue Therapist;
Director MYOhealth Pty Ltd (2009-current);
Injury Prevention and Management Advisor Mining (2009-Current);
Soft Tissue Therapist for West Coast Eagles (2007-2009);
Head Trainer East Fremantle Football Club (2005 & 2006).

Professional Interests

Justin has been heavily involved in elite sports for many years before transitioning into clinical practice and on-site injury prevention and pain management.
Clinically now Justin’s interests lie in peripheral nerve pain and the prevention of injury and dysfunction through postural awareness and functional strengthening of the musculoskeletal system.

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Callan Jotta

I am very passionate about my job, I have a very hands on approach to assessing and treating the bodies connective tissues in an association with the nervous system also known as neurofascial body work.

Fascia is a netting of connective tissue that covers the entire body and intertwines the muscles and tendons. Techniques which I use work very particular patterns along neurofascial lines throughout the body to remove adhesions and build-up of tension and tissue elasticity.

The methodology used in my treatments has been passed down a lineage of bodywork practitioners, which only a handful remain in Perth. I believe the nervous system and connective tissue to be responsible for causing pain and dysfunctions in the human body. Soft tissue therapy is the most rewarding occupation and has personally gained the best results for my overall health, pain management and functional movement.


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