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Highly recommended.

MYOhealth offers a unique, evidence-based and highly professional service to live a healthier life and to help maintain fitness.

I was referred by Body Logic for chronic pain and started using Justin at heightened stages to help alleviate symptoms and improve movement tolerance. Justin provided lots of information, support and guidance. I was also very impressed with a willingness to explore a long standing issue as well as a holistic mindset and approach to fix problems before they become a later issue.

As repeated treatment helped my pain and injury to settle, I have used other team members such as Callan to help manage and maintain my progress. Similarly, Callan has been extremely caring, responsive and outcome driven.

Overall, MYOhealth is committed to the well-being of patients. But what I have found particularly distinctive about my experience is their problem solving approach and a lateral thinking method to produce positive and effective results.

Highly recommended.

by Dr Daniel Baldino

I was desperate.

Justin Kiely at MYOhealth was the breakthrough I had been searching for after three years of chronic and debilitating pelvic and lower back pain following surgery.

Before a wonderful womens’ health physio referred me to Justin I had seen everyone from chiros, specialists, physicians, psychiatrists and dermatologists and fruitlessly endured a succession of invasive procedures, courses of powerful drugs, acupuncture and even attempted hypnotherapy.

Some of the treatments did more harm than good and, despite my strong sense that the problem was muscular and soft tissue based, I was repeatedly told it was in my head and pressured to go on anti-depressants.

I was desperate.

My first treatment with Justin revealed that, through soft tissue therapy, he has an amazing ability to literally put his finger on the problem and gradually peel back the layers to find its source.

Within weeks the pain began to dissipate and, after about six months, pain-free days were the norm rather than the exception.

Now, I’m having one on one sessions with Justin in his rehabilitation gym to build muscle strength with the goal of self-management and less need to call on his skills in the future.

by Grace


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